Chatty Child Provides Remote Speech & Language, Occupational & Physical Therapy

Chatty Child provides remote speech and language, occupational, and physical therapy, as well as interactive theatre and enrichment classes, using secure/HIPPA compliant, state-of-the-art audio/visual digital platforms in New York. Patients must be residents of New York State to receive remote teletherapy at this time.

Chatty Child’s therapists find that our pediatric patients quickly understand this engaging and interactive digital modality. Pediatric patients greatly benefit from these therapeutic and social connections when they are unable to attend in-person ST/OT/PT therapy sessions and social classes.  

Parents and caregivers also benefit immensely from this teletherapy approach.  The therapists are able to implement strong family training techniques.  These embedded family coaching approaches focus on educating the parents and caregivers about strategies to use during activities of daily living.  

Chatty Child is offering these remote teletherapy sessions and enrichment theatre classes as an option for all New York State residents  Audio/visual digital platforms will be used to provide remote teletherapy at this time. 

In order to receive remote teletherapy at this time, the parent and child must have the following:

  • A desktop or tablet
  • An internet connection,
  • Designated audio/visual program(s) including:  Zoom, MS Teams, and/or Goggle Meet. 
  • The platform used will depend on the type of services you are receiving.

We are currently accepting the following pediatric clients for SP/OT/PT services:

  • Private Pay (Out-of-Network reimbursement)
  • All services are being provided remotely at this time via an audio/visual platform.
  • Patients must be a resident of New York State to receive teletherapy at this time.
  • We are offering remote one-on-one sessions for Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy. 
  • As well as, remote private pay socialization groups, therapeutic theatre, and enrichment classes.

The important benefits of teletherapy for your child at this time include:

  • Prioritizing your family and child’s safety and health through this remote learning time.
  • Continuation and continuity of the therapy sessions your child was receiving.
  • Reduction of regression of learned skills, while addressing ST/OT/PT goals.
  • Increased social connection during this time of physical distancing.
  • Reduction of anxiety and emotion distress, while improving social-emotional learning.
  • Developing a dependable routine and structure within your child’s daily life.
  • Family support and education to be the best/active participants in your child’s learning.
  • Developing a home therapeutic program to support your child’s needs. 
  • Support and guidance for you and your child during this difficult time, while engaging in fun classes.

Please contact heatherb(at) to schedule remote services at this time, or for questions.  

Tips for Making Sure Your Child Is Successful in their Teletherapy Sessions- Setting Up The Environment

  • Children should be set up at a desktop computer with a properly working webcam and in-computer microphone along with noise-cancelling headphones.
  • When using a computer or i-pad your child should be stationed at an ergonomic workstation with a desk and chair that are the appropriate height for them. An appropriate height desk and chair will allow a child to sit up straight with their hips, knees, and feet at a 90° angle.
  • Your child’s back and knees should both be in contact with the back of the chair, and their feet should rest flat on the ground. If you do not have a chair that allows for this, you can place some books or a box under their feet to reduce strain. Additionally, the computer screen should be eye-level to prevent them from craning their neck or using poor posture. Not only will these tips prevent a child from experiencing unnecessary injury or muscle aches, but this position also helps children to remain alert and attentive to focus on the task at hand.