Speech & Language Therapy

Do you have concerns about your child?

  • Has your child been diagnosed with PDD or autism?
  • Does your child get frustrated when trying to communicate?
  • Is your child difficult to understand?
  • Is it hard for your child to pay attention in school?
  • Do they have trouble following directions?
  • Is processing language a challenge for your youngster?
  • Does your child have trouble expressing himself or herself?
  • Is your child having trouble reading?
  • Are meals difficult because your child is a picky eater?
  • Is your child having trouble transitioning off the bottle, onto pureed or solid food?

We Can Help.

At Chatty Child we take a personalized approach. We work with you—the family and caregivers—and teach you how to maximize your child’s communication abilities.  At Chatty Child, we teach children new ways of expression.  We create an environment in which each child can have positive experiences when speaking, socializing, eating and playing. At Chatty Child we believe positive changes are possible through successful communications, knowledge and team work. Let’s work together!

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, call 347.491.4451 today to schedule a consultation.

Downloads PDF version of this information: Chatty Child Speech Therapy Insert