Chatter Box Newsletter (Issue 8 | Spring 2016)

Chatty Child Welcomes New Occupational Therapists Jacqueline Braha & Caitlyn McArdle; Out & About in NYC; Spring Activities for Children; News & Blogs of Interest; Apps Corner; New SPring Book Suggestions; Front Desk Focus; Friendly Reminders...

Issue 8 | Spring 2016

Chatty Child Welcomes New Occupational Therapists 

Jacqueline Braha, MS, OTR/L
Jacqueline Braha is a licensed occupational therapist in the state of New York. She graduated with honors from New York University with a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors of Science in Applied Psychology. Jacqueline has been working as a pediatric occupational therapist for three years at United Cerebral Palsy in Brooklyn, where she treats children, ages 5 to 21, with a range of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, microcephaly, muscular dystrophy, angel man syndrome, autism and global developmental delays.

Jacqueline approaches a child from a holistic standpoint and places value on meeting the needs of the child both at home and within the school environment. She works closely with teachers and families to support a child in his/her journey by listening to their concerns and educating them on the best treatment approaches possible. Jacqueline has experience with wheelchair management, orthotics, adaptive equipment, and durable medical equipment. Additionally, she has experience treating children with deficits in areas such as: fine motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory integration, self help skills, motor planning, muscle weakness, and muscle tone.

Jacqueline has completed continuing education courses in pediatric motor therapy, plays skills, and primitive reflexes. She is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

Caitlyn McArdle, MS OTR/L
Caitlyn McArdle is a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in working with children from birth through 12 years of age. She has clinical experience working in various therapeutic environments, including: inpatient, outpatient, schools, and day care centers.

Caitlyn believes in an integrated therapy approach that addresses the whole child (sensorimotor, social, emotional and cognitive functioning). Through therapy, Caitlyn strives to improve activities of daily living (ADL’s) such as dressing, playing, attending, learning, socialization and developing. Caitlyn has experience working with children in the following areas: fine motor skills, visual perceptual and visual motor skills, sensory integration and regulation, motor planning and self-care skills.

She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina's Master of Science Program in Occupational Therapy. She is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). She has a strong interest in providing therapy services around the world and has attended a medical mission trip to Uganda to provide occupational therapy to both children and adults.


Out & About in NYC

Free Museums in NYC that Your Kids Must Visit
New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world that can provide many places to visit and have fun. There are a lot of museums that you can find and visit for free, depending on the day. You can explore free museums about art, culture, technology, and science, and have a day of fun with your kids at these kid-friendly places:

Kids Themed Restaurants in New York
Among the many excellent restaurants in New York City, there are a few that highly regarded as fun, colorful, entertaining and most importantly child-friendly. These themed restaurants will excite children and adults alike.

Spring Activities for Children


  • Go for a walk in the park and look for signs of spring. 
  • Have your toddler "spy" signs of spring. 
  • You can have your child practicing saying:  "I spy a flower. I spy grass growing. I spy a bug." 
  • Then when you return from your walk you can write down all the items you saw on your walk that are signs of spring. 
  • You can even have your child draw a picture of the springtime signs. 


  • Go for a walk and have your child pick up spring time items such as sticks, flowers, blades of grass.
  • Upon your return home, have your child build a springtime collage with all the spring time items they found. 
  • You can use glue and a thick piece of cardboard to create your spring time masterpiece. Follow up this art activity by having your child label and describe each item on their project. 


  • Have your child pick a habitat that they want to explore and learn about. Flip through some magazines (National Geographic is a great one!) 
  • Have your child select and cut out different animals that would live in this habitat.  For example, for a forest habitat your child would cut out pictures of bears, squirrels, owls, etc. 
  • Then create a forest scene by drawing or creating a picture of a dense forest or woods.  Place the cut out pictures onto the forest scene you created for a realistic depiction of a forest habitat.  You can continue this activity with various habitats such as:  the ocean, the forest, the jungle and the desert.      


News & Blogs
News of Interest for Caregivers and Families

Dealing With Children With Autism: Early Intervention Program Helps Parents To Improve Autistic Kids' Interaction, Development
(By John Drowne Via
An early intervention program is helping parents in dealing with children with autism in an affordable and practical manner. A program called Play and Learning for Autistic Youngsters (PLAY) Project teaches parents and family members how to use play as a way to help autistic kids achieve their full potential.

Autism-friendly Broadway performances allow families to enjoy theater together
(By Nicole Kwan Via
Since she was 6 years old, Una Albers has been enthralled by musicals. She listens to her favorite cast recordings on repeat -- "Wicked" is among her top shows -- and has taken over her mom's iTunes account to buy showtunes. But going to Broadway shows started becoming stressful for her family when Albers, who has Asperger’s syndrome, became more sensitive to the loud noises, strobe lights and sometimes startling elements of live theater. Luckily, the now 15-year-old has a habit of researching autism-friendly activities online and found the Theater Development Fund (TDF) Autism Theater Initiative (ATI), which sponsors four special performances a year for families of children with autism.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Living in Silence
(By Courtney DePinto Via
If you had asked me what I envisioned motherhood would be like when I was pregnant with James, I, like every parent in the world, definitely would have described a very different world than the one I live in today...Fast forward two years later, and my world with my little boy -- well... it’s silent.

How It Feels To Have A 3-Year-Old With A Speech Delay
(By Kathleen Wyant Via
“That girl can’t talk.” I am at the grocery store with my 3-year-old and 1-year-old, loading up on bread and telling my daughter that we need a lot for her favorite “yummy" -- a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Her enthusiastic response is a mish-mash of sounds and words. “Yeah, yay, Mommy. Yummy! With pink!” (This is how she says she wants strawberry jam.)

To Myself Before My Daughter Was Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy
(By Cristina Smallwood via
I think everyone would agree that the worst thing about waiting is the not knowing. It can be torturous holding your breath until that moment comes, but ultimately you’d have a better sense of peace if you knew how long you had to wait, right? So if I knew that I just had to wait until Friday, I’ll be OK. Well, I’ve learned with cerebral palsy, there is no Friday. There’s no date of cure or resolution. There’s just the day you realize you have to become content with uncertainty.

Front Desk Focus
Ever wonder who is greeting and helping you behind the front desk at the Chatty Child office? Chatty Child is proud to help up-and-coming therapists with hands on training at the center.

Joining the Chatty Child team is Nicole Cooper. Nicole will be starting the Speech-language Hearing Sciences Masters degree program at Kean University in New Jersey this Fall. In addition to her studies and her work with the Chatty Child team, Nicole also volunteers with the Kean University Council for Exceptional Children where she helps adults and children of all ages, with intellectual disabilities engage in social activities such as crafts, movies, board games, holiday parties, karaoke, etc. Nicole is also an active member of Deaf Jammers, the Kean University Chapter of Operation Smile and the American Sign Language Club.

Nicole and new Interns assist Administrator Mary Ann Boerner at the Front Desk.

Friendly Reminders from Chatty Child

Our waiting room is small and on busy days can become crowded. Now that the weather is nice, consider taking advantage of the park across the street while you wait for your child. We'll be happy to text you when the treatment session is over.

We strive to keep our reception area clean for everyone. If you bring in food items, please be sure to dispose of any remains into our trash receptacles located in the reception area.

Please be aware that the public bathrooms are located in the hallway. Children should be supervised in the public areas at all times.

Please make sure to remove all personal items and valuable from strollers left in hallway since that is an unsupervised public area.

Chatty Child Is Growing!
Are you or someone you know a Speech Therapist?
We are interested in expanding our team of talented therapists.
Send inquiries to info(at)

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Did You Know???

Heather B., Speech Therapist is PROMPT 2 trained, certified in Yoga for Special Needs Children and the Beckman Oral Motor protocol.

Anne F., Speech Therapist is NDT and HANEN trained. She has training in using Apps and technology for speech-language therapy.

Caitlyn M., Occupational Therapist has experience in fine motor skills, visual perceptual and visual motor skills, sensory integration and regulation, motor planning and self-care skills therapy.

Jacqueline B., Occupational Therapist has training with pediatric motor therapy, play skills, and primitive reflexes.

Jennifer W., Occupational Therapist, infant massage trained and has experience in sensory integration.

Ann H., Speech Therapist is NDT, Linda Mood Bell, and PROMPT level 1 trained and is a Yoga (200 hours) teacher..

Socialization Is F-U-N

A child’s speech and language skills are extremely important for learning, literacy, socialization and school success. Treatment groups increase the social use of language, build vocabulary, and peer interactions. One hour group sessions are formed according to age and development level.

**Sign Up for Spring Classes**

Social Butterflies
3 - 7 year olds
Wed 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Plus on-going groups available.

Other groups offered:

  • Mealtime Magic
  • Ready, Set, Write
  • Stepping Stones to School Skills

To register or learn more
about a class, call us at 347.491.4451 or email

APPS Corner

An award-winning interactive experience that asks children to identify different animals who dance, eat, wag their tails, wear sunglasses, sleep and more. Children will learn about animals, emotions, actions and sounds. AGES 2-5.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle’s much-loved character, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, has won the hearts of millions of children around the world for more than 45 years. Now, for the first time, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is brought to life in a stunning 3D interactive app. 

Little Digits - Finger Counting
Little Digits is a fun educational app that teaches children about numbers by putting a new spin on finger counting. Using the iPad multi-touch screen, Little Digits displays number characters by detecting how many fingers you put down. Children can learn to associate the number on the screen with the number of fingers they place down, whilst enjoying the unique characters and animations of the Little Digits world.

Endless Alphabet
Set the stage for reading success with this delightfully interactive educational app. Kids will have a blast learning their ABC's and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabet. Each word features an interactive puzzle game with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. Before you know it, your child will be using words like gargantuan and cooperate!

New Spring Book Suggestions

Spring: A Pop-up Book
(Seasons Pop-up)

by David Carter

When Spring Comes

by Kevin Henkes & Laura Dronzek

Butterfly's Surprise:
A Lift-the-Flap Book

by Grace Maccarone & Valentina Belloni

Stories from Bug Garden

by Lisa Moser & Gwen Millward

Little Honeybee

by Katie Haworth & Jane Ormes

Rachel's Day in the Garden:
A Kids Yoga Spring Colors Book

by Giselle Shardlow & Hazel Quintanilla