• These are the rates for private speech, language, feeding, occupational & physical therapy.
  • Coded invoices can be submitted to your insurance to facilitate reimbursement.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Treatment Sessions

Beginning February 1, 2024

Individual Treatment Sessions
60 minutes $210.00
45 minutes $157.50
30 minutes $105.00

Group Treatment Sessions
60 minutes  $140

Tutoring 1:1 Classes
60 minutes  $170

Weekly Intensive Treatment Program
5 day a week intensive treatment program. A combination of sp/ot/pt, for 3 hour blocks per day, $200 per hour, 3 hour blocks per day, for 5 days. Available in-person only at our New York City clinic. This is available as an intensive week-long  program for specialized therapeutic habilitation or rehabilitation for those children & families that can travel to our New York City clinic. 

Cancellation notice required 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. If notice is not received, you will be billed for the scheduled session.

Screenings, Evaluations & Consultations

Initial Screenings & Assessments*
Initial Assessment Session: $360**
One hour screening which includes observation of the child's speech and language, OT or PT skills and discussion with parents reviewing results. 

A brief written one-page summary can be provided following the evaluation for an additional $210. 

*Initial Assessments & Screenings by phone, web or in person start at $360 plus $210 for each additional hour.

**Any additional consultation and/or longer more detailed report will be charged at a prorated rate of $210 per hour.

Comprehensive Speech & Language, OT or PT Evaluations*
Ranges from $750 to $1500
Comprehensive speech and language, OT or PT evaluation. Includes up to two hours of standardized testing, discussion with parents of the results of testing, and comprehensive write up of results. Fee range is depending on the amount of testing needed, areas under examination, length of report, and consultation time.

Initial Therapy Assessments (Phone or In-Person)*
$360 for first hour, $210 for each additional hour.
*Initial therapy assessments whether via phone or in-person will be charged at our hourly consultation rate of $360 for the first hour, and prorated rate of $210 per hour, for each additional hour.

Heather Lynn Boerner's Consultative Work for Child, Family & School School Assistance & Support*
$210 per hour for individual  consultative work with families including advocacy work, IEP review & planning, as well as therapeutic & educational planning. $210 per additional hour prorated as needed. 

*This cannot be coded for insurance reimbursement.

Heather Lynn Boerner Speaking Engagements*
$500 for 3 hour speech and presentation on a selected topic about speech & language development with Q&A included. This can be prorated depending on needs. 

Prior to the initial consultation, screening or evaluation, a case history form must be completed and a prescription from your doctor must be placed on file. 

In addition, a credit card must be provided to the Center at the time of appointment booking. A $75.00 dollar fee will be charged on your credit card on file for "no shows" or when less than 24 hours is provided to the center for a cancellation.

Payment Options

Private Pay (Out-of-Network reimbursement)*
Invoices are coded to facilitate insurance reimbursement. We are an out-of-network provider. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company to see if and how many therapy sessions are  covered per year, and the financial percentage of coverage per session.  We cannot guarantee that your insurance carrier will reimburse you in part or in full, but we will, on request, provide all requested information to help maximize your reimbursement.

*Checks, cash and credit cards accepted

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call us at: 
347.491.4451 or email us at info(at)chattychild.com