Questions & Answers

  How do I know if my child needs speech, language, feeding, occupational or physical services?
  A qualified therapist will be able to evaluate your child and determine if your child is delayed in areas of: speech, language, play, feeding and/or physical, and develop an appropriate treatment model for your child.

  When will my child talk?
  It may be difficult for a professional to say exactly “when” a child may talk. Talking is a complex cognitive and motor task, which involves many subsystems such as respiration, phonation, and articulation.  However, if it has been determined that your child has a speech or language delay, don’t worry there are many successfully techniques available!   A speech-language pathologist can help your child to become a successful communicator! A speech therapist will often use play, reinforcing toys, verbal modeling, picture cues, gestures, and ‘speech and language facilitation techniques’ to improve the communication skills of your child.  Every child is unique and requires a specialized treatment plan tailored to their unique needs.

  How long will my child require therapy?
  Again, this may be a difficult question for professionals to answer initially.  Research has shown that consistent speech and language intervention will lead to positive outcomes in the development of the child’s speech and language skills. 

  When can I go for more information?
  Please take a look at the LINKS section for further information