Phyiscal Therapy

Physical therapy addresses the child’s gross motor skills, or how he/she is able to successfully, safely and confidently navigate their environment.  We develop intervention strategies that build on your child’s strengths while targeting their challenges.  By improving strength, motor planning and coordination, your child can experience positive outcomes in both learning and play. 

Does your child have difficulty...

  • Does your child lack safety or body awareness?
  • Does your child appear weak or have limited endurance?
  • Does your child avoid physical activity?
  • Does your child have difficulty with age appropriate gross motor activities?
  • Does your child struggle to sequence motor tasks?
  • Is your child's inability to sit for long duration's in school or during meal time  affecting productivity ?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with either an orthopedic or neurological disorder?

We Can Help.

Physical Therapy can build the foundation to overcome these obstacles.  Caring and well trained therapists help in creating confidence by catering to each childs intrinsic motivators.  When a child is eager to participate, therapy session potential improves. This can carry over into the home and their daily routines.  Physical therapy may look like play, but it is an integral part of a child's overall development.  Focusing on strengthening, motor planning and coordination can assist in a child’s ability to learn, function in school and interact with peers.  The physical domain carries over into all forms of a child's development.  We work together with your specific concerns to help create a progressive and effective plan of action.

Chatty Child physical therapists assist children and their caregivers in building skills that enable them to participate in meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities in order to develop self-help and gross motor skills.  At Chatty Child we believe positive experiences help to build your child’s confidence and allow your child to reach his/her full potential through activities, knowledge and team work. Let’s work together!

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