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Toddler Brain Scan Gives Language Insight

By:BBC News

The brain has a critical window for language development between the ages of two and four, brain scans suggest. Environmental influences have their biggest impact before the age of four, as the brain's wiring develops to process new words, say UK and US scientists.

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Is Obamacare What the Doctor Ordered for Kids with Autism?

By:Huffington Post

As an advocate for special needs children, I'm particularly impressed with the aspects of Obamacare that benefit special needs children. Under the new law, children are allowed to remain on their parents' health insurance plan until age 26, closing an antiquated coverage gap that has plagued families for decades.

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Autism at Work (Video)

By:SAP (via 3BL Media)

Innovation comes from the edges. That's why SAP plans to recruit hundreds of people with autism, making use of their unique talent for information technology. At SAP Labs India, six people with autism have already been hired.

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NY Clears Roadblock to ABA Insurance Coverage

ALBANY (July 31, 2013) -- After months of pressure from the state's autism community and Legislature, the Cuomo administration has dropped a regulatory requirement that has blocked families from gaining the insurance coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA) they were promised under New York's 2011 autism insurance reform law.[more]

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Travel Tips for Children With Autism

By:Ruth Manuel-Logan,

Kids with autism thrive on set schedules, and vacations in new places far from home can cause discomfort and disrupt routines. With proper planning and organizing, you can help your child adjust so everyone in the family can travel together.

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Chatty Child's Heather Boerner Featured on NY Metro Parent's Ask the Expert Series

Chatty Child's Heather Boerner was featured in by Kaitlin Ahern's NY Metro Parents Ask the Expert series.[more]

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Strategies for Working With Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder


1. Children with ASD need structure and routine. 2. Structure “time” for the child with ASD. 3. Structure “space” for the child with ASD. 4. Prepare the child with ASD for changes in the routine. 5. Children with ASD have significant difficulty processing oral language. 6. Children with ASD are visual processors. 7. Children with ASD have a difficult time understanding non-verbal communication. 8. Children with ASD have difficulty reading social cues. 9. Children with ASD are often rule followers. 10.Many children with ASD have sensory related issues.

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Chatty Child Participates at The Manhattan Developmental Disabilities Council: The Family & Professional Resource Fair

On December 1, 2012, Chatty Child joined The Manhattan Developmental Disabilities Council as they presented The Family & Professional Resource Fair for parents, family members, people with developmental disabilities, and professionals at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle.[more]

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NYC Playgrounds for Children with Special Needs

By:Mommy Poppins / New York City

There is certainly no shortage of wonderful playgrounds and parks in New York City. And as a mom of three (soon to be four), I've explored quite a few of them in my time—some with a fine-tooth comb. But when you add a child with special needs into the mix, the selection of truly great playgrounds suddenly seems much smaller.

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An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

By:The New York Times

Opinion Article By Moises Velasquez-Manoff. Introduction from article: In recent years, scientists have made extraordinary advances in understanding the causes of autism, now estimated to afflict 1 in 88 children. But remarkably little of this understanding has percolated into popular awareness, which often remains fixated on vaccines. So here’s the short of it: At least a subset of autism — perhaps one-third, and very likely more — looks like a type of inflammatory disease. And it begins in the womb.

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