InterAct Programs

The challenge for families is finding stimulating, exciting, joyful, challenging, educational and informative enrichment classes.

Chatty Child Speech & Occupational Therapy Center PLLC offers summer programs and year long enrichment classes that combines theatre arts and speech & language exploration in fun weekly sessions that all children will surely enjoy!

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What is the InterAct Theatre & Therapy Lab?
This lab is an interactive, therapeutic workshop designed to promote speech and language development through a unique and creative theatre learning experience.  Your child will be empowered and find their voice through this unique therapeutic technique which combines traditional speech and language methods through a fun-filled, immersive, creative and interactive theatre experience.

Who are the Creators of the InterAct: Theatre & Therapy Lab?
InterAct: Theatre and Therapy Lab was created by Heather Boerner, MA, CCC/SLP, TSHH, owner, and head Speech-Language Pathologist at Chatty Child Speech and Occupational Therapy PLLC, and Gianna Cioffi, MS-ED, in Theatre Education who is founder and Artistic Director of Educational Mobile Immersive Theatre (EMIT). These workshops will be conducted under their supervision.  

Heather Boerner has a Master’s of Arts in Speech Language Pathology from New York University and a Certificate of Clinical Competency from ASHA. She holds a New York State license to practice Speech-Language Pathology in the state of New York, and holds a permanent certification as a Teacher of Speech and Language Disabilities.

Gianna Cioffi holds a Master’s of Science in Educational Theatre from the City University of New York, and a dual Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Theater Arts and Communication Disorders from SUNY New Paltz. She is certified in New York State to teach theater arts (kindergarten through 12th grade students.)  

InterAct: Theatre & Therapy Lab Ensemble
Your child will become part of their own theatre ensemble! Our inclusive program is offered for all ages and abilities. Participants will be placed in age and ability-matched groups for weekly sessions. Classes are for children ages 3-to-12 years old.  All educational materials are included.

When does InterAct: Theatre & Therapy Lab classes take place?
Workshops and classes are held weekly during the school year in seasonal sessions for the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Workshop sessions meet for 1 hour per week. 

What are the benefits of Interact: Theatre & Therapy Lab?

These innovative techniques created by experts Heather and Gianna utilize both proven speech and language methodology methods and educational, immersive theatre learning activities and experiences. 

InterAct: Theatre and Therapy Lab will empower your child to become a successful and confident communicator in all areas of their lives.  Your child will develop critical thinking tools, tap into their inner creativity, develop imaginative play skills, and strong speech, language and articulation skills…all through a fun, creative and interactive theatre experience!

Come join us on this new, exciting, and empowering journey of exploration, communication and creative fun! 
We can’t wait to learn and grow with your child! 

For information and to make reservations for your child, please email: info(at)