Chatter Box Newsletter (Issue 7 | Fall 2015)

Issue 7 | Fall 2015

Chatty Child Welcomes New ABA Therapist
Aneta Krysiak, MS Ed, BCBA, LBA

Meet Aneta Krysiak at the Chatty Child Center. Aneta is available by appointment for Applied Behavioral Analysis consultations and treatment sessions.

Aneta Krysiak, MS Ed, BCBA, LBA is a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of New York servicing children with autism spectrum and various developmental disorders throughout Manhattan. She began as a psychology student at Fordham University quickly changing her path of study after interning at a special needs preschool. The experience of working with young children led her to develop a passion for the field further and she went on to complete a dual Master’s degree in General and Special Education. Aneta has over 11 years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a scientific approach with decades of research aimed at increasing positive behavior.

When providing Early Intervention (EI) home-based services, Aneta applies behavioral principles in conjunction with 1:1 instruction while drawing components from a variety of approaches to ensure meaningful learning. This includes Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Verbal Behavior (VB), Natural Environment Teaching (NET) as well as others. She is trained in the development of individual programs, interventions, and curricula based on direct assessment, observation, interviews with the family, IFSP/IEP goals, and each child’s unique learning style of which progress is tracked via data graphed on visual charts. Her training extends to teaching adaptive self-help skills, appropriate play, and social skills all while working toward meeting appropriate developmental milestones to reach independence.

Aneta currently provides supervision while facilitating family training and overlooking program implementation. She believes in working with the child’s family as a whole including the child’s peers, and the child’s multidisciplinary team on a daily basis to ensure generalization of learned skills to the world around.

Aneta is ready to help our clients that need attention in this area! Please give us a call if you interested in her services.


Meet the Interns

Chatty Child is proud to help up-and-coming therapists with hands on training at the center. Meet our newest Interns:

  • Melissa Buccella is working towards completing her Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology at St. John’s University
  • Mehak Noorani is working towards completing her Bachelors in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University
  • Melissa Pana is working towards completing her Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology at St. John’s University
  • Dina Rosen is working towards completing her Bachelors in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University
  • Thalia Sosa is working towards completing her Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology at Pace University

Fall Activities for Children

Make your own monster mask!
Cut out a big circle and have your youngster pick out the color face they desire. You can use colored construction paper or paint a paper plate.

Then, punch two holes in each side of the mask and pull string through it to secure the mask.

You can then use googly eyes and cotton balls to create the eyes and nose of the monster.

Then, draw a mouth and use candy corn treats to create scary teeth for the monster.

Make sure you have your child request each item by name and color. Have them describe how each body part feels. It is soft, hard, sharp, bumpy?

Have your child try on the mask and practice their most scary monster roars and cries!

Practice monster walking around the house and see who they can scare!

Halloween Detectives!
Fill a large plastic container with different colored beans and rice. Then, hide a variety of Halloween figures and items within the sensory bin. See how quickly they can sift through the beans and rice to find each Halloween item. Ideas of Halloween items include: spiders, bats, bugs and Halloween figures.

As they find each item have them label and describe each spooky toy!

You can also time your child and see how quickly they can find 10 toys. You can practice counting all 10 items, once they are found! Great work Halloween detectives!

Spooky Pumpkin Patch
Create a pretend spooky pumpkin patch in your child's room.

Place different sized and colored pumpkins all around your child's room. Then, turn off the lights and see if they can find the pumpkins in the dark pumpkin patch, using a flashlight. As they pick up and find each item, you can have them place the pumpkins into a wagon.

When all the pumpkins are collected have your child feel each pumpkin and describe its size, texture and color. For example, “I found a big, smooth, orange pumpkin!"

To make your nighttime pumpkin patch extra special and spooky add cobwebs on the ground around the pumpkin patch!


News to Know

News of Interest for Caregivers and Families

Sesame Street Launched #SeeAmazing in All Children
(Source: Autism Society of America Facebook)

A wonderful initiative designed to celebrate the uniqueness of each and every child! Check out this great sibling story and learn more at
Click here for video from CBS News.

Bedtime Stories for Young Brains
(Source: The New York Times)
Two new studies examine the unexpectedly complex interactions that happen when you put a small child on your lap and open a picture book.

How to Cut Children's Screen Time? Say No to Yourself First
(Source: The New York Times)
Parents have a better chance of controlling their children’s addiction to texting and gaming if they set aside family times for putting down devices.

Another Approach to Raising Healthy Eaters
(Source: The New York Times)
A recent book provides three tips to introducing children to foods that are good for them.

Retarded is much, much more than a word
(Source: The Pendulum)
My sister is an 18-year old petite blonde with a disarming sense of sarcasm. She’s a varsity athlete, a devout Catholic and a self-admitted chocoholic. She’s become too cool for reading and a bit bored with high school. She just picked up a new, older boyfriend who I’m more than a little worried about. And she’s really sick of you calling her retarded.

Friendly Reminders from Chatty Child

We strive to keep our reception area clean for everyone. If you bring in food items, please be sure to dispose of any remains into our trash receptacles located in the reception area.

Please be aware that the public bathrooms are located in the hallway. Children should be supervised in the public areas at all times.

Please make sure to remove all personal items and valuable from strollers left in hallway since that is an unsupervised public area.

Chatty Child
is Growing!

Are you or someone you know a Speech or Occupational Therapist?

We are interested in expanding our team of talented therapists.

Send inquiries to info(at)

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Did You Know???

Heather B., Speech Therapist is PROMPT 2 trained, certified in Yoga for Special Needs Children and the Beckman Oral Motor protocol.

Anne F., Speech Therapist is NDT and HANEN trained. She has training in using Apps and technology for speech-language therapy.

Janine R., Speech Therapist is PROMPT 1 trained and has experience in AAC Systems and feeding disorders.

Jennifer W., Occupational Therapist, infant massage trained and has experience in sensory integration.

Ann H., Speech Therapist is NDT, Linda Mood Bell, and PROMPT level 1 trained and is a Yoga (200 hours) teacher.

Sami K., Occupational Therapist is SIDT-certified and NDT trained.

Sonya K., Occupational Therapist, is a Level 1 certified Handwriting Without Tears specialist and is also trained in Astronaut Boards, iLs, and the Soma Rapid Prompting Method.

Socialization is

A child’s speech and language skills are extremely important for learning, literacy, socialization and school success. Treatment groups increase the social use of language, build vocabulary, and peer interactions. One hour group sessions are formed according to age and development level.

**Sign Up for Fall Classes**

Social Butterflies
3 - 7 year olds
Wed 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Plus on-going groups available.

Other groups offered:

  • Mealtime Magic
  • Ready, Set, Write
  • Stepping Stones to School Skills

To register or learn more
about a class, call us at 347.491.4451 or email

Fall Apps

Go Away, Big Green Monster!
by Night & Day Studios

What was I Scared of? by Dr. Seuss
By Oceanhouse Media

Mickey's Spooky Night
By Disney

Violet and the Candy Thief - Interactive Halloween Storybook
By My Black Dog Books

Trick or Treat - Little Critter
By Oceanhouse Media

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch
By iStoryTime, Inc.

The Witch With No Name
By SlimCricket

My Monster Mayhem
By Digital Leaf

Fall Book Suggestions

The Maple Festival (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)

by Poppy Green and Jennifer A. Bell

The Autumn Visitors

by Karel Hayes

Fall (All Year Round)

by Child's Play and Ailie Busby

From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!

by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky and Julia Patton